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April 10, 2017By
illustration: ©istock.com/JackyLeung

Irrigation manufacturers offer details to help contractors become more comfortable with Wi-Fi-enabled irrigation controller technology. Irrigation technology continues to evolve rapidly. And while this trend ultimately improves systems’ efficiency and performance, technological advancements can leave some contractors in the dark about how to best incorporate them into their businesses. A recent Irrigation Association (IA) webinar focused on the growing popularity... read more

Rachio updates smartphone-enabled sprinkler controller

March 11, 2016By

Rachio launched a new version of its sprinkler controller, which lets homeowners manage their irrigation systems from their smartphones and computers. “By extending the smart home into the yard, we’ve helped people conserve more than 500 million gallons of water since our launch in 2012,” said Chris Klein, CEO and cofounder of Rachio. “With the release of Generation 2, our mission is to help users... read more