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Wealth Building Summit panel enlightens on acquisitions

October 21, 2015By

Christopher Noon of SmartLawn and Debby Cole of Greater Texas Landscapes and The Groundskeepers led a panel discussion on acquisitions during the Wealth Building Summit at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Louisville, Ky., on Oct. 21. The event, keynoted by consultants Jeffery Scott and Ron Edmonds, was held during Landscapes 2015. Noon sold Noon Turf Care in July. TruGreen acquired the company,... read more

TruGreen acquires Noon Turf Care

September 3, 2015By

TruGreen acquired Marlborough, Mass.-based Noon Turf Care. The companies announced they “joined forces” in a notice posted at NoonTurfCare.com. “By combining the resources of both companies, our customers will continue to receive the same excellence in programs and services that they’ve come to expect over the years from Noon,” it said. “Customers will begin to see the TruGreen logo on... read more

Weathering the weather

February 17, 2015By

During the 2014 LM Lawn Care Forum, a panel of LCOs hit on how to handle unwelcome weather events. When it comes to coping with Mother Nature, Brad Johnson puts lawn care professionals under the same umbrella as farmers. “We’re going to have good years and bad years,” says the president of LawnAmerica, a $6 million firm in Tulsa, Okla.... read more

Noon Turf Care restructures compensation model

August 4, 2014By

To create happy, long-term clients, Noon Turf Care restructured its lawn tech compensation model.  Noon Turf Care’s lawn care technicians used to get paid by what Chris Noon calls the old-fashioned way: The more homes each tech treated in a day, the more money he or she made. Despite high production rates, client turnover was a problem for the $8... read more

WSJ features two Green Industry pros on workforce skills gap

July 11, 2014By

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) featured two Green Industry professionals this week. Chris Noon and Jerry Schill shared the difficulties and solutions they have concerning the workforce skills shortage many business owners are facing. According to the WSJ article Schill was featured in, 35 percent of 270 services businesses said they had a difficult time finding qualified candidates. Along with... read more