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The Big One: Out of the Blue

March 20, 2019By
Blue Skies of Texas lake (Photo: Clean Scapes)

Location: San Antonio Company: Clean Scapes A call out of the blue was what it took for Clean Scapes, a landscape firm in San Antonio, to win the maintenance contract for the Blue Skies of Texas retirement community in 2009. Clean Scapes Principal Brett Nichols says he made the cold call after he found out that a fellow Clean Scapes... read more

Efficiency Tip: Paperless productivity

January 27, 2017By

The reason Clean Scapes in Austin, Texas, wanted to move away from paper-based purchase order processing was twofold. “For one, we knew paper printing was very costly,” says Travis Dyer, director of technology. “But also, if our managers are back in the office for the sole reason of doing paperwork, they aren’t doing real work. They need to be in... read more

One OSHA region, three fatal mower accidents

April 27, 2016By

Three landscapers have died from mower accidents in the past month in the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s Southwest Region. The three deaths equal the total in the previous six years, Nola.com reports. The deaths took place when riding mowers overturned into small bodies of water in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. One fatal accident like this happened in each of the years 2015, 2014 and 2010,... read more

13 big ideas

June 14, 2013By

The companies on the LM150 list are chock full of good ideas that firms of any size can learn from. We take a look at 13 programs, systems and philosophies that can help you boost business in 2013 and beyond. 1. Un-subcontracting Company: American Landscape Systems Location: Lewisville, Texas LM150 rank: 111 Hiring subcontractors can be expensive, and after a... read more