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RISE recognizes ProLawnPlus president

August 28, 2014By

During its 24th annual meeting, the Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) recognized Mark Schlossberg, president of ProLawnPlus, with the 2014 Grassroots Excellence Award for his work in Maryland’s legislature and his advocacy for the industry on the local, state and federal levels. As this year’s honoree, Schlossberg has been the catalyst for grassroots in Montgomery County, Md., providing contacts,... read more

RISE: Proposed Clean Water Act rule could affect applications

April 21, 2014By

A new proposed rule published in the Federal Register April 21 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers could significantly affect homeowners’ and professionals’ ability to treat property near any water with fertilizers and pesticides, according to Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE). Washington, D.C.-based RISE is the national association representing the manufacturers, formulators... read more

Throwback Thursday: April 1993

April 10, 2014By

The government is working against lawns. In fact, it’s assaulting them, Gregg Robertson wrote in a recent government affairs column for Landscape Management. Las Vegas has banned lawns in new developments and is offering cash to residents who tear out their lawns, he reports, and adds Los Angeles has dished out $1.4 million in rebates to homeowners who’ve replaced their... read more

Bound by restrictions

May 6, 2013By

The industry addresses fertilizer and pesticide regulations at the local, state and national levels. Location, location, location. The oft-cited phrase used to justify the price and salability of any home is equally good at describing the state of fertilizer and pesticide regulations across the country. In some places, New Jersey for example, the rules are relatively set and contractors are... read more

Labor, pesticides top Day on the Hill issues

August 1, 2010By

On July 20, about 80 landscape/lawn service company owners and managers traversed the halls of the Senate and House office buildings in Washington D.C. to educate legislators on issues affecting landscaping businesses. Not unexpectedly, the two issues foremost on the visitors’ minds were labor and pesticides. Specifically, they urged lawmakers to support the H-2B seasonal guest worker program — and... read more