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Ep. 117: Rules of engagement

February 11, 2015By

Dave Marciniak of Describeit discusses the importance of sales cycles and evaluates on why they should be kept short. He also explains some excellent do’s and don’ts when it comes to your overall sales process. Finally, he talks about reasonable time frames for getting back to clients with a design or proposal. read more

Ep. 113: Selling a customer in 30 seconds

January 15, 2015By

Danny Wood of Sandler Training puts a unique twist on the 30 second speech or as he refers to it, a 30 second commercial, to help us engage a client in half a minute or less. Instead of a “pitch” Danny recommends incorporating known “pain points” into your presentation. Doing this will help you and your potential client relate on an... read more

Backstory: Robert Clinkenbeard

January 9, 2015By

Robert Clinkenbeard Co-0wner, Integrated Landscape Management Tempe, Ariz. Education Forrester High School and Currie High School Edinburgh, Scotland Class of 1988 “My dad used to be a Presbyterian minister. He had older ladies in his congregations who needed help in their gardens, so I used to do that to make some extra money. That’s what initially got me into landscaping.”... read more

Do you charge nuisance fees?

September 4, 2014By

Q: What’s your take on charging clients an initial consultation fee before meeting with them at their home? I’ve never done it before but have heard other design/build contractors do.   A: There are various theories about how to properly screen clients so you’re focusing on solid leads and not wasting your time with “tire kickers.” One way is by... read more

How 5 firms cut down clients’ water use, bills

July 2, 2014By

The U.S. uses more gallons of water outdoors per day than there are people on the planet. The ratio: 9 billion gallons to 7 billion people. More startling than that is 50 percent of that outdoor water is wasted due to overwatering, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) WaterSense program. It’s landscape and irrigation professionals like Kurt Thompson who... read more

Everybody gets the same leads

February 26, 2013By

I was at your workshop last week at the Green Expo in Atlantic City, N.J. (It was great, by the way). Can you explain what you mean when you say, “Everybody gets the same leads.”? One thing’s for sure, I definitely don’t get the same calls as some of the bigger companies. —Helen Somerset, Pinelands Landscape and Construction, Voorhees, N.J.... read more