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Communication Coach: Stop chasing and start closing more estimates

May 5, 2021By
(Photo: Pixsooz / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images)

It’s that time of the year when production and selling are competing for your time. There’s a sense of urgency to make the most of this peak season before it tapers off. In a recent Facebook conversation, a contractor shared her frustration with working up estimates and never hearing back from the prospective buyers. While email automation software can help,... read more

Leading: Seven genres of business communication

June 27, 2017By

  The essence of leadership lies in a person’s ability to communicate ideas and information in a manner that inspires and guides others. Business communication is more art than science and lends itself to being classified into genres, as with other art forms. The applicable genre for the art of business depends upon the situation. I’ll explore seven distinct genres... read more

Efficiency tip: The Daily Four

August 17, 2015By

At TBG Landscape in Whitby, Ontario, the management staff knows open communication is essential to the company’s success. The primarily design/build company had $17.2 million in 2014 annual revenue. As such, at the end of every work day all foremen send an email to President Mark Bradley called the Daily Four. It includes the following information: • The crew’s three... read more

Ep. 99: Translating English to English

October 2, 2014By

  In this episode, Tim Schmalenberger of MKSK discusses communicating with clients, employees and co-workers. Why do some construction projects go more smoothly than others, even when the size and scope of work are nearly identical? Communication, or lack thereof, could be the answer. Some of the topics discussed are: • The various methods of communication; • Reasons why communication... read more

Profit Power: How to compete with ‘the big boys’

September 18, 2014By

If you’re trying to compete with “the big boys,” like Brickman and ValleyCrest, you need to be aware of how the larger commercial property management firms operate. They have a sophisticated approach to decision making (it’s different from an owner-operator of a strip mall). The approach You need to find out: At what level the enhancement jobs go out to... read more


June 22, 2012By
Logo: PhoneTree

  For more than two decades, PhoneTree has provided businesses and organizations around the world with cost-effective tools that communicate time-sensitive, personal information to benefit the client. A PhoneTree VoiceWave solution is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, flexible communication solution. It was designed for those who need to contact groups of all sizes by phone, text or email. Popular features include service... read more