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Communication Coach: How the right words predictably sell

April 25, 2018By

  I get it. Writing is not your thing. You would rather craft your message with a video. That’s your preferred communication medium. Or maybe you like to use snapshots on Instagram to tell your story. What matters is finding a medium that you are comfortable using. Just keep in mind that whether your message is written, spoken or communicated... read more

Guest Post: 4 actions of great leaders

December 16, 2014By and

Leadership starts with vision, passion and will, but what is it that great leaders do from day to day to be effective? 1. Communicate. Communication is hard. Learn to do it well. Great leaders communicate the why, the how and the what. Leaders have the privilege and prerogative to set the what: the issues, problems and opportunities that matter—and what... read more

Focal Point Communications

December 6, 2011By

This Green Industry marketing firm offers newsletter programs, Web site design, direct mailing services and more than 100 semi-custom and ready-to-use marketing aids for lawn and landscape companies. Since 1987, Focal Point has helped thousands of companies look more professional, communicate better and sell more work. Available products include postcards, presentation folders, leave-behind materials and more. 800/525-6999 or GrowPro.com CONTACT INFO Company... read more

Best Practices: To grow, keep ’em in the know

June 1, 2009By

As our recession drags on, I am finding many companies are struggling to communicate with their employees. Companies have been affected in varying degrees, from severe business loss to minor setbacks to some moving along as if things are normal. Employees see what’s happening around them, as well as the bad news on TV and online. Some even still read... read more