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Whit’s World: Got gratitude – for The Gift of today?

September 1, 2009By

Every day is a bonus. Tomorrow is promised to no one. I’ve had a few too many reminders of this during the past 12 months. Adam Gaspar, my buddy from the first grade, learned — and taught me and many others — how to truly live, in the moment, during his 10-month battle with brain cancer. Adam died last year... read more

Whit’s World: Want to grow on the cheap? Better leverage customers’ e-mails

August 1, 2009By

According to a July 2009 Landscape Management survey with 170 respondents, just 30% of landscapers know the e-mail addresses of even three-quarters of their customers. Very few landscapers know — and use — the e-mail addresses of all of their customers who have them. This is both a tremendous opportunity and threat: We must better obtain and use our customers’ e-mail addresses,... read more

Whit’s World: Treasure Trove

June 1, 2009By

A 5-ft. iquana swimming laps in the hotel pool was my first clue. The resort staff and some of the more-settled guests acting like it was nothing was my second. I didn’t know it on the first day of the business meeting, but I soon discovered the treasure trove of animal and plant species we mainlanders call San Juan, Puerto... read more

Whit’s World: Meet Joe: A real pro with blue-collar street smarts

June 1, 2009By

America’s 1973 hit song “Tin Man” just as easily could have been named “Scarecrow” — because Oz never did give nothing to the scarecrow — either — that he didn’t, didn’t already have. Playing the scarecrow in the 1939 classic flick “The Wizard of Oz,” Ray Bolger sang the straw man’s mantra: “If I Only Had a Brain.” Truth be... read more

Silencing the sting

March 1, 2009By

About 20 Million people — 40% of those in infested areas — feel the nasty sting of fire ants every year. Arriving in the United States in the 1930s, fire ants reportedly occupy more than 300 million acres, or a landmass nearly twice the size of Texas, and cause $6 billion in damage annually nationwide. It’s time to silence the... read more

Growing the green

November 10, 2008By

The Bad News: In mid-July, when oil prices peaked at $147.27 a barrel, turf care companies were being slammed by cost increases from all sides. Their fuel costs for vehicles and equipment, on average, were up 37% year-over-year for regular gas and 64% for unleaded gas. Delivery of ornamentals, flowers and other materials often had fuel surcharges between 5% and... read more