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Step by Step: How to turn landscape waste into compost

February 3, 2017By
illustration: David Preiss

Many landscape jobs produce green waste contractors must dispose. Compost is one way to manage those grass clippings, tree trimmings, leaves and other debris. Compost needs a combination of “green” material—grass clippings, green leaves and vegetable scraps—to produce nitrogen and “brown” material—dead leaves, branches and wood chips—to produce carbon. Compost also needs water. Microorganisms, which break down waste, prefer moisture... read more

Throwback Thursday: February 1994

March 27, 2014By

Spring has sprung. At least that’s what our calendars tell us. Even as it’s yet to be in the air, the masses are preparing for the warm weather to come. For me, this means looking up the best deals for a pedicure to show off my new sandals. For landscape professionals, this might mean giving customers the best deal to... read more

Agromin, Stay Green ‘close recycling loop’

October 30, 2012By
Logo: Agromin Stay Green

VENTURA COUNTY, CALIF.–Stay Green, a full-service landscaping company, and Agromin  the organics recycler for more than 50 California cities, have formed a partnership that will recycle and reuse the organic materials produced by Stay Green clients. Agromin will turn the material into compost, mulch and soil enhancements for use in Stay Green landscaping projects. Stay Green’s Sustainable Asset Protection Program (SAPP) views... read more