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PRO Landscape Contractor

May 12, 2015By

Sell more jobs with PRO Landscape Contractor—the ultimate visual landscape and garden design tablet app for landscape professionals. Simply snap a picture of a customer’s house and create a visual design that is sure to impress. Once the design is complete, you can create an instant price quote using your own prices. Designing, bidding and winning landscape jobs has never... read more

Improve your landscape maintenance margins

July 2, 2014By

There’s hardly a contractor who’s not concerned with pricing challenges and the negative impact they have on gross margins. The competitive environment has put enormous pressure on service companies to find savings wherever possible. As a result, many maintenance companies take the easy way out. They cut hours and force crews to do more work in less time. This is... read more

Risk Management: When errors occur

July 7, 2012By

You can’t always prevent mistakes, but you can lessen the blow of paying for them. A landscape designer/contractor designs a plan that doesn’t take into consideration the septic tank field lying just beyond the property — and then selects trees with invasive roots. It’s a liability situation that doesn’t happen overnight. Several years down the road, when those roots grow... read more

The power of pricing

June 11, 2012By

There is still a lot of gnashing of teeth about market pricing. I showed a chart at a recent Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) event that reported mowing prices in different regions of the country and what the average gross margin is at each price (see Table 1). The table details actual data we collect on pricing. It does not recommend... read more

How to determine a homeowner’s landscape budget

March 11, 2012By

Question: How do you get homeowners to tell you what they want to spend on a project without being pushy ?    — Amanda Bell, Landscape Designs by Amanda, Red Lion, PA Answer: One common problem for landscape designers and contractors is trying to find out what a client is budgeting for a particular project. Clients are hesitant to throw... read more

Aeration: Get the ‘hole’ story

July 1, 2009By

By: Curt Harler ANY COMPANIES OFFER aeration, but it’s not always an overnight success. To ensure repeat business, a savvy contractor has to educate the customer and perform the service properly. “There are different reasons for aeration, so a landscaper can’t just tell a customer he wants to poke holes in his lawn,” says Bob Brophy, director of lawn products for... read more