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High Performance: How to win the renewal game

March 14, 2022By
(Photo: Jirapong Manustrong / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The renewal process takes many different shapes in our industry. The renewal process for residential work is different than that for commercial work and there are many variations within these general categories. All of this variation makes writing about the renewal process challenging. However, some common themes apply to most situations. As we consider our renewal process, let’s look for... read more

Web Extra: Sample Subcontractor Contracts

August 4, 2016By

In the August 2016 issue, LM associate editor Dillon Stewart wrote about how quality, detailed contracts can protect contractors from the liability and risks associated with hiring subcontractors. Snow Management Services shared the following sample contract that you can adapt to create your own stock contract: Snow Management Service Sample Subcontractor Contract Use this stock contract to save time and create uniformity, but as discussed in... read more

Web Extra: Pro-Motion Consulting’s contract type scenario analysis tool

August 7, 2015By

Download Pro-Motion Consulting‘s contract type scenario analysis tool to help with your company’s finances. Pro-Motion Consulting’s contract type scenario analysis tool (PDF) Pro-Motion Consulting’s contract type scenario analysis tool (Excel) read more

Improve your cash flow: Get paid consistently

March 24, 2015By

This post is part four of LM’s “5 ways to improve your cash flow” series. Read on to part four, “Understand basic accounting,” here. “Bill as you go” is the default invoicing method for many landscape companies. Problems with this tactic can stack up, especially for seasonal businesses that have little or no income during some months. A few years ago,... read more

Risk Management: Beware the legal theory of construction defect

October 23, 2012By

Since the recession, insurance companies are seeing a greater volume of claims from property owners, including construction defect claims. The little things a homeowner may have once ignored are now bringing on lawsuits. A construction defect claim is when a property owner makes a claim that there’s something faulty in the construction. Landscapers can easily be brought into these claims,... read more

10 steps to success with subcontractors

October 1, 2001By

There is no quick and easy way to have successful, profitable relationships with subcontractors. Building such relationships is one of the headaches of the landscape and irrigation business. It's hard but not impossible. read more