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Companies in the news: updates and giveaways from Takeuchi, Advanced Turf Solutions, Corteva and more

September 19, 2023By
Takeuchi recently donated a TB235-2 excavator and a diesel engine to Empower College & Career Center’s Heavy Machinery and Construction Pathway to help students get hands-on repair experience. (Photo: Takeuchi)

Updates and giveaways from Advanced Turf Solutions, Corteva Agriscience, Home Depot, Takeuchi and more. read more

It’s time to saddle up and ride into EOP season

September 16, 2023By
(llustration: delectus/E+/Getty Images)

Readers share why this is the right time of year to round up a good deal. read more

Corteva adds new fungicide to control 28 foliar, root and stem turf and ornamental diseases

September 5, 2023By
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Floxcor fungicide offers control of leaf spot, brown patch, Pythium blight, snow mold and more and is rainfast 15 minutes after application. read more

Corteva Agriscience: Crew® Specialty Herbicide

September 1, 2023By

Kick even the toughest weeds out of your turf with Crew® specialty herbicide. Combining the power and proven safety of Dimension® and Gallery® specialty herbicides, Crew is a 2-in-1 easy-to-use solution for turfgrasses. Crew provides broad-spectrum preemergence control of more than 120 grassy and broadleaf weeds, including some of the most troublesome, like crabgrass, dandelion and Poa annua. It’s also... read more

Corteva Agriscience: Turflon® Ester Ultra

July 20, 2023By

Don’t let weeds pop up on your turf. Turflon® Ester Ultra specialty herbicide combines reduced environmental impact, expanded coverage and control of invasive grasses to help you keep your lawns clean. Turflon Ester Ultra uses plant-derived methylated seed oil as a solvent, reducing the environmental impact and product odor. Turflon Ester Ultra also can be tank-mixed with labeled three-way herbicides... read more

Tips for successfully managing Poa annua in lawns

April 5, 2023By
Experts say Poa annua is a difficult weed for LCOs to manage because of its ability to adapt to adverse conditions. (Photo: Nufarm)

Experts share how a combination of cultural controls and application best practices can give you a leg up on this pesky weed. read more