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Business Benchmarking: Price smart to win, keep business

July 18, 2009By

Price competitiveness is a function of cost control and revenue generation. Cost control is a function of personal productivity (revenue per employee must increase). Revenue generation is a function of price and pressure (labor rate/price per hour must decrease, and we must be more aggressive in our sales closing efforts). Both strategies must be employed simultaneously. Price reductions can be... read more

Business Benchmarking: Ensure your ’09 budget flies

December 1, 2008By

There are two rules for managing in a tough economy: Control the things you can control, and minimize the risks of things you cannot. You must do both. For example, you can control (increase or decrease) your costs. Your decisions drive this number. But you can only minimize the risks of revenue disruptions and/or revenue creation because your customers ultimately control these... read more