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Improve your cash flow: Get credit before you need it

March 24, 2015By

This post is part two of LM’s “5 ways to improve your cash flow” series. Read on to part three, “Recognize the power of recurring revenue,” here. Phil Catron started Frederick, Md.-based NaturaLawn of America, which today has $50 million in annual revenue and franchise locations in 24 states, just like many others in the landscape and lawn care industry: He... read more

The pricing power trio

August 4, 2014By

One of the classic questions a customer asks a snow removal professional is, “How do you price—hourly, per plow or flat rate?” Of course, this question implies each snow contractor utilizes one pricing method exclusively or at least has a preference. While there are some who may be more simplistic in their approaches, the snow industry overall has advanced when... read more