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How BrightView is using technology to plan for growth

August 14, 2019By

I write this series of articles highlighting BrightView’s financial results because I know that landscape companies can compete and win against BrightView — bigger is not always better, and in some cases, it is worse. While bigger is not always better, bigger usually means more strategic planning, more structure and discipline in execution and more technology utilization. Why? Those practices... read more

Aspire Software

May 1, 2017By

“You take care of the landscape, we’ll handle the business.” The Aspire landscape management system puts all your information in one place. Think about it: CRM, estimating, scheduling, purchasing, mobile time, invoicing, accounting and much more, all integrated. Aspire is cloud-based and designed for mobile, so information like contracts, client requests, scheduled services, purchases and billing is available in real-time... read more

Web Extra: 12 Salesforce apps for small businesses

November 17, 2014By

Included in the November 2014 cover story “Cracking the code,” Salesforce is among the most widely used accounting and sales/CRM software programs in the green industry. Here, we list 12 apps for small businesses that integrate with the program, as categorized on the appexchange, brushing the surface on their functions and pricing.  1. Appirio Cloud Sync Price: $4/user/month Appirio Cloud Sync... read more

Habits of successful salespeople: lists

November 7, 2014By

Successful commercial landscape salespeople work from lists. In today’s hyper-paced world, you cannot keep it all in your head. So unless you have a photographic memory and are a professional juggler, you will drop more balls than you keep in the air. At a more practical level, you can’t sell what you can’t see. The best salespeople create lists to... read more

Cracking the code

November 7, 2014By

Call it as time consuming as eyeing a needle in a haystack, as frustrating as solving a Rubik’s Cube or as confusing as writing your own code. No matter the adage, searching for software is hard. The green industry is teeming with options—whether they’re written specifically for landscaping firms or not. Yet, fewer than 10 percent of landscape professionals are... read more