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Crysteel Aluminum Landscape Dump Body

July 10, 2015By

Crysteel’s new Aluminum Landscape body combines strength and durability with the lightweight efficiency of aluminum construction including increased payload capacity, corrosion resistance and lower maintenance costs. The versatile Aluminum Landscape body is ideal for contractors in the landscape, refuse/waste and recycling industries. The 12-ft. body features a1/4-in. floor, 50-in. side door, pull action latch mechanism, a two-piece barn door, and... read more

Crysteel Aluminum A-Tipper

June 12, 2015By

The Crysteel aluminum A-Tipper has been updated with innovative features and a modern aerodynamic design. The A-Tipper is designed for contractors and municipalities that need strength, durability and lightweight efficiency. The A-Tipper offers significant strength and added safety with a strong crossmemberless understructure with 8-in. longsills and a 1/4 integrated, tapered cabshield. Aluminum’s lightweight profile offers increased payload capacity, corrosion... read more