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Marketing Mojo: How to get paid for work clients expect for free

September 19, 2022By
(Photo: rocketegg/E+/Getty Images)

Change orders can be challenging but Jeff Korhan says they also offer the opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and can be profitable upsells. read more

Grow with Grunder: How to keep your clients coming back for more

July 31, 2022By

Marty Grunder, CEO of The Grow Group and Grunder Landscaping Co., explains the importance of reoccurring revenue to the success of your business. read more

Grow with Grunder: The benefits of setting expectations with your team and clients

March 2, 2022By
Screencap: LM Staff

Marty Grunder explains why it's important to clarify the expectations placed on your team and clients in order to have a successful year. read more

John Bell, Free Spray Lawn Care, on how his customers have changed

February 16, 2022By

John Bell, president of Free Spray Lawn Care in Mansfield, Ohio, describes how "less is more" when it comes to his customers of today versus 20 years ago. read more

Communication Coach: How to create an engaging client newsletter

July 8, 2020By
Email notification (Photo: Redlio Designs / iStock / Getty Images)

A few years ago my company, Landscape Digital Institute, and Landscape Management surveyed the industry on its use of digital marketing. Hundreds of responding companies reported plans to do more with it. Surprisingly, email marketing was named among the least favored marketing channels. What’s puzzling about this is that email marketing is 400 percent more effective than social media marketing,... read more

Communication Coach: The question that perfected my customer growth

March 26, 2019By

Is your business growing? I’m grateful a customer asked me this early in my landscaping career. It’s a question on the minds of most people trying to decide if they should embark on a journey with a business that’s new to them. The next and usually unspoken question they have is whether that growth is good or junk. Good business... read more