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TAG: customer retention

Don’t call us, we’ll call you

June 26, 2019By
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If you grew up listening to the radio in the ’70s like I did, you probably know the Sugarloaf song, “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You.” What you may not know is that this jingle describes a key difference between businesses. You see, there are only two types of businesses. The first type calls the customer. The second type doesn’t... read more

Marketing Mojo: How to make marketing that attracts the right customers

March 22, 2019By
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You’ve been there from the beginning. You attracted the first customers. You created a culture that made them happy. You handpicked team members who believed in that culture. Everything was clicking. Over time, new challenges popped up. You tried to keep the culture alive, but somehow it faded. If only you could get that magic back and your people surrounded... read more

Profit Power: Employee loyalty equals client loyalty

July 22, 2014By

In a recent consulting visit with a contractor in the South, my client raised the issue of attrition of her commercial clients. Her retention numbers were far below expectations. She lamented that her firm could easily be in the $10 million range, if she could figure out why she is losing clients. I took a deep look into her company... read more

How do I market to produce a rainfall of leads?

October 11, 2013By

To produce a rainfall of leads in the landscaping business, reengineer your mindset about marketing first; otherwise, you’ll never consistently produce enough high-quality leads to grow. Until marketing becomes a process in your business, adding new customers always will be a problem. When marketing becomes a process, it will cease to be a problem because marketing, prospecting and selling aren’t... read more

Consistency, employee retention drive customer loyalty

July 24, 2013By

Consistent service and employee retention are the keys to holding onto clients, said Jeffrey Scott during his webinar “6 Steps to Guarantee Customer Loyalty” on July 23. Part of delivering consistent service means having a consistent staff. “Don’t mess with your client’s favorite faces,” said Scott. “In order to ensure that your staff will be loyal to customers, you have... read more