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Compete by delivering superior service consistently

May 28, 2019By
Five stars (Photo: iStock.com/D3Damon)

How do I compete with these guys? This is a common question I hear from our clients. The concern behind the question is real. It’s mostly expressed in terms of competing with contractors who may lowball their prices or when going head-to-head in bids with regional or national companies. The simple answer is deliver a superior service experience consistently. It... read more

Guest post: Stop aiming so low; go after the big fish

June 20, 2017By

Why is it that so many business owners and sales professionals put forth focus and effort toward obtaining the business of small, low-margin clientele, while completely ignoring the high-dollar “big-fish” opportunities? Much could be said on this topic (and rightfully so) from a philosophical perspective. Shoot for the stars. Be all that you can be. Dream big. You know the... read more

Emerald Lawns strives to do lawn care ‘the right way’

February 1, 2016By
photo: Emerald Lawns

An Austin, Texas-area firm grows by putting the customer first—and marketing, marketing, marketing. In 2006, Luke Hawthorne was fed up with the corporate lawn care scene. He’d entered the industry in 1993, grateful for a $10-an-hour gig. After a few months as a technician at a local company, he joined TruGreen. For the next decade, he served as technician, salesman... read more

2015 Lawn Care Forum: Internal culture

January 19, 2016By

Dave Murray, customer experience consultant for The DiJulius Group, explains how a company’s internal culture directly impacts customer service. LM Editor Marisa Palmieri covered Murray’s Lawn Care Forum workshop on the same topic in her December 2015 Editor’s Note. Read it here. read more