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TAG: Customer Relations

Customer Relationships: Community first

November 11, 2019By
Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services cares not only about its clients but also about the wider community. (Photo: Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services)

There are so many ways Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services puts an emphasis on customer relations that at first Terry Nicholson wasn’t quite sure where to begin. But as the company’s vice president got to talking, it became clear just how much the Markham, Ontario-based company values not only its clients, but its entire community and the role Clintar plays in... read more

Five-star service: An overlooked differentiator

October 22, 2019By

In this go-go economy, many business owners today struggle to provide excellent customer service. Their service is inconsistent and reactionary, and it will ultimately harm their business. The root of the problem is the false belief that excellent service is a luxury they can sacrifice: choosing short-term profit over sustainable growth. The next recession will remind everyone of the enormity... read more

Customer relationships: Introspection

October 14, 2019By
Environmental Enhancements chooses to be honest and upfront with its clients. (Photo: Environmental Enhancements)

The bimonthly self-audits account managers at Environmental Enhancements do on each of their clients’ properties are extensive. The 10-point self-evaluation covers things like overall turf quality, the coloring of enhancements and presence of weeds in hardscape cracks or sticks in the landscape beds. Fred Peratt, owner of the $4.2 million Sterling, Va.-based company that provides 49 percent maintenance, 22 percent... read more

Customer Relationships: Face time

October 14, 2019By

Every quarter, the account manager at Baldi Gardens in Arlington, Texas, holds face-to-face visits, or care calls, with each of the company’s 80 accounts. This equates to roughly 320 in-person visits every year to make sure each customer is fully satisfied with his or her service. These care calls clearly take a lot of time, but it’s time well spent,... read more

Customer Relationships: An excellent experience

October 14, 2019By
Glasses with the company logo create help Plants Creative Landscapes stand out. (Photos: Plants Creative Landscapes)

Hope Smith’s title of “people experience manager” is a clear indication of how Plants Creative Landscapes in Decatur, Ga., feels about its customers. “Our goal is that the customer experience from A to Z is as seamless and simple as possible,” she says. “Customer service is an important piece of that puzzle, but ensuring a (good) customer experience is a... read more

Customer Relationships: A solid reputation

October 14, 2019By

After nearly 21 years in business, Foothills Landscape Maintenance (FLM) in Windsor, Colo., has yet to run an ad. In fact, the company has never done any kind of traditional advertising simply because it has never had to. The $6 million company that provides 40 percent maintenance, 25 percent snow removal, 20 percent installation and 15 percent irrigation services to... read more