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TAG: Customer Relations

A picture’s worth a thousand dollars (or more!)

June 24, 2016By

Q: Do you have any ideas to help me increase my referral business? A: Most landscape contractors give their clients holiday gifts in December to thank them for their business. It’s a nice gesture, and I’m sure it’s somewhat appreciated. But let’s be honest, how many calendars, company mugs, bottles of wine or gift baskets does anybody really want or need?... read more

Nevers & Always

December 10, 2015By

If you own or run a landscape or lawn care business, you likely have a knack for customer service. You wouldn’t be here, reading LM right now, if you didn’t. That’s why it may be difficult for you to understand why employees don’t come to work with the same mindset you do. Dave Murray, a customer experience consultant for Cleveland-based... read more

Client relations: Straight talk

June 11, 2015By

Three LM150 contractors share their customer relations efforts. Client relationships will make or break a company, landscape professionals agree. So it’s important to listen, be proactive and meet expectations. Three professionals from the LM150 list share how they’ve grown their businesses by focusing on client communication. Landscape Workshop Birmingham, Ala. To get a real sense for what clients want, J.T.... read more

Profit Power: Do your design/build clients have buyer’s remorse?

January 19, 2015By

Happy clients and steadily growing businesses still can suffer from the plague of buyer’s remorse. What is it? It is the negative feeling a customer has after they purchase a new product/service. It can creep up… a.) Right away, before the product/service is delivered; b.) During the execution of the product or service; or c.) After the completion and receipt... read more

Guest post: Finding the customer who’s right

June 23, 2014By

You’ve heard the expression, “The customer is always right.” This may be one of the most overused or misinterpreted statements in sales and customer service. Treating a customer with respect, going the extra mile and, even when it’s called for, taking a loss to maintain a good relationship is a sales and customer service reality. Yet I don’t believe the... read more

Tips for cultivating lawn care techs

January 28, 2014By

As winter lingers in parts of the U.S.—and will remain to for the coming weeks—some lawn care company owners are in prime positions to make headway on the spring season. A safe starting point is considering ways to cultivate your staff of lawn care technicians. Landscape Management called on Grant Birchfield, who was dubbed Ohio Lawn Care Applicator of the... read more