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TAG: Customer Relations

How can I generate buzz?

October 14, 2013By

How can we get prospects to chase us instead of us chasing them? For most landscaping companies, marketing is difficult. You need to get noticed, but you can’t afford to break the bank on big-name celebrity endorsements and Super Bowl ads. It is possible, however, to promote your company without a big-time budget and generate powerful marketing buzz. No matter... read more

What should I be doing to grow my business?

October 11, 2013By

Talk to your customers to develop more intimate relationships with them, teach them what you know about your business and work together to create what hasn’t been done. There was a time when a business could grow on the merits of quality products and service alone, but that’s not nearly enough these days. In this trust economy, every business has... read more

30 trade secrets of success in the green industry

October 1, 2005By

A defining event 31 years ago set this landscape company owner on the road to professionalism. read more

‘Sale’ is not a 4-letter word

June 1, 2005By

Your sales people are business catalysts who help home owners increase their return on investment. That's why sales is a noble profession. read more

Sell smart, not slick

January 1, 2005By

What's the secret to being a successful salesperson in the landscape industry? Six top producers share their best practices. read more