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Cyber Rain: XCI Cloud

June 16, 2014By

The latest version of Cyber Rain’s XCI Cloud allows users to manage an unlimited number of irrigation sites and controllers online. It features odd-even water scheduling, full integration with Blackberry mobile devices (alongside its existing iPhone functionality) and GPS site and controller location information. Cyber Rain central irrigation control systems automatically adjust watering schedules based on local weather information. But there... read more

Galcon checks off Cyber Rain acquisition

February 13, 2014By

Galcon acquired Cyber Rain. Under the transaction, Cyber Rain will become a part of Galcon USA, which is headquartered in Calfornia, and it will continue to market products under its brand name. “We’re very excited to add Cyber Rain to the Galcon organization and lineup of products,” said Galcon CEO Sagi Rubin. “With their complete line of EPA WaterSense certified... read more