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Half a century of success

May 30, 2013By

Michael Bellantoni may be stepping away from his business, but he’s not slowing down. After 50 years of running his landscaping business, Michael Bellantoni might be on the back nine. Or he might be in Hawaii or Florida or Aruba. But even as he winds down his role in the business, rest assured, he will not sit back and simply... read more

Organics: A balancing act

May 6, 2013By

 Some lawn care pros see a rise in demand for “natural” turf service offerings. Americans still want a lush, green lawn, but today, lawn care companies realize that some customers want that look provided by organic and natural lawn care solutions. According to Landscape Management’s Lawn Care Market Report survey, 44 percent of respondents offer an organic or natural lawn... read more

Lawncare pro: Adam Linnemann

June 10, 2012By

Starting your business as a teenager does have a few perks. Adam Linnemann, president of Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping started with a push mower, riding lawn mower and wagon. “I love talking with my clients and at the time when I started, most of them were elderly,” Linnemann recalls. “I would spend sometimes 30-45 minutes with them after I... read more

Band Together for MJ

June 10, 2012By

By Daniel G. Jacobs When Michael John “MJ” O’Boyle was just 2-and-a-half years old, Grandma noticed his right foot slightly turned in as he walked. It was in December last year when she mentioned it to Michael, MJ’s father, who brushed away any concern. After all, what kid doesn’t walk a little pigeon-toed once in awhile? Maybe it was the... read more

The winter (and spring) of our discontent

May 18, 2012By

Snowplows sat idle, gathering dust instead of snow. Temperatures blinked to late spring levels in February before alternating between record heat and below freezing for much of the country. It sent contractors everywhere scrambling and launched their 100 Days of Hell as much as 45 days earlier than in years past. “Everyone is scrambling to find out what it means... read more

The path down memory lane leads right back to the present

May 16, 2012By

By Daniel G. Jacobs Josh just finished his sophomore year of college. Sammie is days away from becoming a high school senior. Where did the time go? As a boy growing up in the Midwest, the time it took to graduate from high school and go to college seemingly dragged on forever. The time since has passed more quickly than... read more