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Corteva Agriscience Weed Watch

October 4, 2013By

Sponsored Content by  The digital Weed Watch guide, sponsored by Corteva Agriscience, features more than 60 key weeds, along with identification tips, control tips and product recommendations. Visit www.corteva.us/turf for more information Click Here to view Corteva Agriscience Weed Watch Weed Watch also comes as a quarterly enewsletter featuring key weeds and timely seasonal tips for control. To subscribe click here. 2019... read more

Dow AgroSciences Defendor Specialty Herbicide

December 6, 2012By

Defendor specialty herbicide gives lawn care professionals a head start on broadleaf weed control when it’s too cold for other postemergence herbicides to be effective. Offering early-season control of unsightly dandelions, clover, chickweed and other annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, Defendor can help reduce callbacks and minimize complaints. Defendor can be tank-mixed with Dimension 2EW specialty herbicide, and can be... read more