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Ep. 113: Selling a customer in 30 seconds

January 15, 2015By

Danny Wood of Sandler Training puts a unique twist on the 30 second speech or as he refers to it, a 30 second commercial, to help us engage a client in half a minute or less. Instead of a “pitch” Danny recommends incorporating known “pain points” into your presentation. Doing this will help you and your potential client relate on an... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: Recipe for sales

August 15, 2013By

A landscape company’s sales process needs to be organized like a recipe from a cook book, said Danny Wood, a consultant and Sandler Training expert. The main ingredients in the recipe are your behavior, attitude and technique. If you have all three, mixed in the right order with the correct proportions, your chances of success are very high. However, if... read more