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Boss intros skid-steer-based salting system

June 20, 2017By

Boss Snowplow released its QuickCube System, a new skid-steer-based salting system. The QuickCube System uses weather-proof, poly cubes (hoppers) that can be filled with solid deicing materials and staged at job sites in advance of wintry weather. The filled cubes will replace the need for remote salt piles, tarps and temporary salt shelters. The cubes can be stacked and are... read more

SnowEx spotlights liquid deicers with new initiative

August 28, 2014By

  SnowEx rolled out a liquid solutions initiative: SnowEx Liquid Solutions. The program is designed to help customers implement liquid pre-wetting, anti-icing and deicing strategies through a series of equipment, materials and training educational materials. “With the high volatility in salt supply and prices, liquids have become a critical tool in the snow and ice management toolbox,” said Barry Truan, VP of marketing... read more

RoofHeat STEP

June 14, 2013By

The RoofHeat STEP roof deicing system uses an exclusive polymer blend that heats when electricity passes through it. This thin, flexible heating element has the ability to self-regulate its electrical consumption, making it energy-efficient. Because of its ability to accept AC or DC current, solar and wind power can also be directly integrated to the system. WarmZone.com read more

Reddick Equipment

November 11, 2012By
Photo: Reddick Equipment

Since 1965, Reddick Equipment has been manufacturing sprayers for the lawn care, turf, deicing and agricultural industries, and provides parts for all major brands of spray equipment. Its lawn care skids are available as aluminum skid frames with poly tanks or as seamless fiberglass tanks with safety cross baffles, with capacity from 30 to 500 gal. Reddick.cc or 800/334-3388 read more