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To fee or not to fee?

May 1, 2017By
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Design fee proposals aren’t created equally. Here’s one design expert’s approach. I’m still amazed when I get pushback from landscape designers and contractors about design fees. They either won’t charge a design fee because their competitors don’t, don’t want to lose the installation over a design fee, lack the confidence to charge a design fee or all of the above.... read more

How to explain design fees

January 4, 2016By

Landscape design expert Jody Shilan gives his perspective on this tough question.  Q: How do you explain to clients why you charge for your plans while other companies don’t? A: That’s a great question and one of my favorites to answer. It’s amazing to me that in 2015 we still have to justify to ourselves and our potential customers why... read more

Rebuttal: When do you disclose design fees?

May 5, 2014By

Editor’s Note: Mark Carlson offers this rebuttal to Jody’s Shilan’s March 2014 Profiting from Design column: “When do you disclose design fees?” I agree with Shilan’s general sequence of steps toward meeting with a prospective customer, but I don’t agree with how limited this approach is when it comes to charging a fee for services. First, I believe that as... read more

Retainers vs. landscape design fees

December 20, 2012By

Q: Can you explain the concept of using a retainer agreement instead of a design fee to get a commitment from the client toward both the design and the installation? —Dylan Mickelson, Bright Lights Landscaping and Outdoor Lighting, Las Vegas, Nev. A: I just got back from PLANET’s Green Industry Conference in Louisville, Ky., where I was a speaker, as... read more