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TAG: Design Software

Vectorworks releases 3rd service pack for 2021 product line

March 22, 2021By
2021 Service Pack 3 (Photo: Vectorworks)

Vectorworks released its third service pack for the Vectorworks 2021 product line, with updates for architecture and landscape architecture customers. read more

How design software can make the install process go smoothly

November 2, 2020By
Person using design software (Photo: Doug Nemeckay)

Landscape designers share with Landscape Management magazine how software is making the design-to-install process smoother. read more

Designing to win

August 17, 2020By
Person working with design software (Photo: Vectorworks)

Design experts explain how implementing design software can assist design/build companies in winning over clients and help with estimating. read more

Recommender: What design software do you use and why?

June 18, 2020By
Design software (Photo: Vectorworks; illustration: fonikum/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images)

Design experts from various companies across the country. reveal their preferred design software of choice and explain why. read more

How LandscapeHub’s integrations help streamline services

April 10, 2020By
LandscapeHub landing page (Photo: LandscapeHub)

A look at how LandcapeHub's recent integrations with DynaScape, Epicor, Aspire Software Co. and more are helping streamline services. read more

Design software: To the drawing board

February 7, 2020By
Landscape design plan (Photo: Di Stefano Landscaping)

With the rise of design software, fewer people are designing landscapes by hand. Nowadays, designers turn to their computers or tablets as often as they turn to the actual drawing board to complete design projects for clients. LM asked a few designers from across the country to tell us what their favorite design software is and why. Tara Verotsky Landscape... read more