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Using software to makes designs a reality

March 26, 2021By
Backyard design (Photo: Eileen Kelly)

Design experts using Vectorworks Landmark software and Pro Landscape by Drafix describe software features that help bring their designs to life. read more

PRO Landscape Version 22 by Drafix Software

March 24, 2016By

PRO Landscape Version 22 is the latest version of Drafix Software’s industry-leading design software for the landscape professional. PRO Landscape gives the user the power to easily and effectively design and bid a project. Most importantly, it enables users to communicate those design ideas to the customer with a visual presentation they understand. PRO Landscape will help you quickly create... read more

Step By Step: How to design a container

March 4, 2016By

A basic container design should include a “thriller,” a “spiller” and a “filler”—a combination of an upright plant, a trailer that spills down the sides of a pot and a filler to add fullness and color. Incorporating seasonal plants can keep clients’ containers looking lively year-round, and combining three or more containers of varying sizes and styles can make an... read more

Ep. 117: Rules of engagement

February 11, 2015By

Dave Marciniak of Describeit discusses the importance of sales cycles and evaluates on why they should be kept short. He also explains some excellent do’s and don’ts when it comes to your overall sales process. Finally, he talks about reasonable time frames for getting back to clients with a design or proposal. read more