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Destination Companies unite at Nashville event

October 3, 2018By

One landscaper shared his experience of running a debt-free company. One discussed his company’s initiative to hire veterans in response to the troublesome labor issue. Another brought up her company’s decision to hire a bilingual HR specialist to serve as the go-between for Hispanic employees. Despite the differences, all these companies had one thing in common: the desire to become... read more

Moving mountains: A compelling company vision

April 1, 2015By

How a compelling company vision can help you attract the best team and achieve your goals. Attracting, motivating, focusing and retaining great employees starts and ends with a compelling vision. To attract the very best team, you must create a compelling vision for the future, and to retain top talent you must develop a method and habit for communicating your... read more

Recruiting is like marketing

June 18, 2013By

I was giving a short talk a month ago to five new members of my Leader’s Edge peer group, as we discussed the difficult situation of finding the right and best foremen. A contractor working in Massachusetts suddenly found himself in need of a better lead guy to handle all the business coming his way. He lamented about the problems... read more