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Paladin Construction Group: FFC Tree Spade

December 25, 2012By

The FFC Tree Spade provides a quick and efficient way to accomplish your tree and debris digging, carrying and placing needs while maintaining visibility. It has no moving parts, requires virtually no maintenance, has a low original purchase cost and is simple to operate. The FFC Tree Spade is available in 36-, 40-, 44- and 48-in. ball sizes and easily... read more

Maintain before you dig

January 14, 2012By

By: Dennis Von Ruden As the last remnants of another winter melt away, another season of landscaping and tree planting is about to begin. Soon it’ll be time to dust off the shovels, wheelbarrows, pruning tools and fertilizer bags. Of more immediate concern, it’s the time of year to attend to some preseason maintenance for various pieces of powered equipment. There’s... read more