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TAG: digital technology

Grow with Grunder: Take your daily board digital

September 8, 2021By

Marty Grunder is joined by Dalton Yates of Grunder Landscaping Co., as he explains the benefits of taking the company's daily job board digital. read more

Marketing Minute: How to turn email into a conversation with your clients

April 28, 2021By

In his debut video, Jeff Korhan, green industry consultant, shares how you can use digital technology such as email to build a relationship with your clients. read more

IrriGreen introduces new irrigation system

September 10, 2014By

IrriGreen released the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System, which uses up to 50 percent less water than ordinary systems, the company said. The system is designed to control its sprinklers to match water patterns to the shape of any lawn. According to the company, the IrriGreen requires the installation and maintenance of up to 80 percent fewer sprinkler heads and up... read more