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Scotts restores damaged football field

October 26, 2015By

After a chemical mishap destroyed their home field, the senior football players for the Green Wave of St. Edward Central Catholic High School in Elgin, Ill., were forced to play the last month and a half of their final season on the road. Fortunately, Scotts Miracle-Gro stepped in to ensure the underclassmen don’t face the same fate. As part of its #KeepItReal... read more

Misapplication destroys high school football field

September 18, 2015By

The St. Edward Central Catholic High School football team, in Elgin, Ill., was forced to relinquish its home-field advantage Sept. 18 after a chemical mix-up destroyed its field, the Chicago Tribune reports. The lawn care company responsible for maintaining Greg True Field, St. Edward’s home field, accidently applied weed killer instead of fertilizer. The mishap killed two-thirds of the field’s grass. The company at... read more