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Sometimes it is about the money

September 28, 2018By
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My (fictitious) operations manager, Tom, just informed me he is leaving the company. I’m shocked. Tom is a good guy, and we have been investing in his development and going out of our way to make him feel appreciated. He recently received a 12 percent raise, and, earlier this spring, we bought him a new truck. His announcement was completely... read more

Design an effective compensation plan

October 30, 2017By
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Lessons learned from the 2017 employee compensation survey Designing effective compensation and benefits packages are paramount in contending for the best talent in today’s competitive labor market. As the economy improves, the demand for landscape services rises, requiring an increase in skilled labor. While this news is good for businesses from a company sales prospective, it creates significant challenges when... read more

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Potential overtime changes, speed reading

March 12, 2014By

After a week on hiatus, I’m back with a few links of note. What have you been reading lately? Or are you bogged down already by the 2014 season? Still plowing snow? We’d like to know. Email me at mpalmieri@northcoastmedia.net or share with us on social media. “Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay” New York Times Via LM... read more

Paying by piecework

July 10, 2013By

Does compensating employees by the job pay off? When it comes to paying maintenance crewmen and foremen, have you considered the piecework system—paying your employees by the job instead of by the hour? With piecework you pay your employees for getting the job done; it doesn’t matter how long it takes them. Pros of piecework The one big pro is... read more