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How Grunder Landscaping Co. chooses its training topics

July 20, 2021By
Keyboard with training key (Photo: ChristianChan / iStock / Getty Images / Getty Images Plus)

In this blog, Marty Grunder explains how Grunder Landscaping Co. sets the topics for the company's employee training sessions. read more

Grow with Grunder: Why one-on-one meetings are important

June 22, 2021By
(Photo: AzmanL / E+/ Getty Images)

Marty Grunder shares why one-on-one meetings are an essential tool to keep employees engaged and ensure their career development and success. read more

High Performance: Become a great coach

July 15, 2020By
Photo: filadendron / E+ / Getty Images

Previous generations had bosses that would appear periodically, bark orders and then leave. That was normal. Most of the bosses I worked for throughout my career were not very involved with their subordinates. Few attempted to develop teams. They seemed to always have things to do in their offices with the door closed. They rarely showed their faces and when... read more

High Performance: Solving the labor crisis with career development

June 17, 2020By

According to the Gallup State of the American Workforce Report, lack of development or career growth opportunities is the No. 1 reason employees leave a job. This fact presents a challenge for many employers, especially those with seasonal businesses and high turnover. In fact, some employers are simply unwilling to invest in employee development because they don’t believe it’s worth... read more

Profit Power: Stop waiting for immigration reform

May 20, 2019By

LM columnist Jeffrey Scott explains how landscape company owners can take control of their labor situation with recruiting and a strong financial strategy. read more

The Greenery’s approach to employee development

July 28, 2018By

Lee Edwards, CEO of The Greenery, chats with LM about his company’s successful approach to employee development. Check out our July cover story to learn more. read more