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Grow with Grunder: How do you make your business a truly great place to work?

January 25, 2022By
(Photo: NanoStockk / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images)

Marty Grunder shares why putting an emphasis on being a great place to work for can help boost a company's employee engagement and retention. read more

Tips for keeping employees engaged

February 5, 2019By

Attendees of the 2018 LM Growth Summit share with us their secrets to keeping their employees engaged and invested in their companies. read more

Compete by engaging your employees

November 2, 2018By
Engagement dial (illustration:

They say competition brings out the best in people. Is that true? In my experience, it’s not. There are other factors at play. If you want to compete to win, you should understand these factors. First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that people who are highly engaged in their employment situations are more likely to be interested or motivated... read more

Communication Coach: A tool for getting company culture right

July 25, 2018By

Company culture is a reliable predictor of an organization’s health. If you get company culture right many things will naturally fall into place. In fact, the right culture promises to smooth out several of our industry’s top challenges: Workplace productivity; Employee engagement; and The customer experience. Great company culture is something you know when you experience it. It’s a signature... read more

Case Study: Happy, healthy employees

October 17, 2017By
Photos: Pacific Landscape Management

How one landscape company used a weight-loss challenge to promote wellness. Healthy employees are happy employees—and happy employees are good for business. That’s one reason why Hillsboro, Ore.-based Pacific Landscape Management implemented a weight-loss contest in which the majority of its management team participated. Owner Bob Grover says that the idea also stemmed from the fact that the company truly... read more

Steps toward employee engagement

June 12, 2017By
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Imagine being able to attract and retain the best people—frontline workers, managers, salespeople and others. How different would your life be not worrying about selling more work due to operational capacity constraints? What else could you accomplish if the burden of hiring and training vanished? How much more profitable could you be? There are a few employers in every industry... read more