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Young workers today follow a new set of rules, it’s on you learn them

January 10, 2023By
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Phil Harwood shares why the rules of recruitment and retention popular 10 or 20 years ago won't cut it for today's young workers. read more

The importance of asking the right questions when it comes to hiring

September 7, 2022By
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Phil Harwood shares why operations need to look within to devise the best recruitment and onboarding processes for new hires. read more

Considering increasing your employee referral bonus amount? Read this first

June 7, 2022By
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Phil Harwood shares how bumping up employee referral bonuses may seem like a good long-term idea but can often only have short-term benefits. read more

High Performance: How to avoid desperation recruiting

April 6, 2021By
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“Desperation recruiting” is when companies act impulsively, and sometimes unethically, to recruit out of sheer desperation. At its worst, it involves “stealing” people from a competitor’s job site. This type of recruiting appears every spring but increases in occurrence whenever the labor supply has substantially dried up. The rationalization behind desperation recruiting is that the end justifies the means and/or... read more

High Performance: Ask the ultimate question to solve your labor problems

March 10, 2020By

The most critical issue facing our industry today is attracting and retaining people. While I firmly believe that the solution involves addressing retention, the fact remains that recruiting will always be an essential part of the solution as well, and recruiting is more difficult today than it has ever been. It’s easy to become demoralized and unsure of where to... read more

Employee Recruitment: Cast a wide net

October 22, 2019By

It’s difficult to recruit employees for snow removal services. The hours can be long and unpredictable; plus, it’s no surprise employees will be working in the cold. “It’s hard to recruit in the winter months because it’s seasonal on call,” says Bruce Vander Vennen, president of Jack’s Lawn Service and Snowplowing in Grand Rapids, Mich. “So, employees may only work for... read more