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Grow with Grunder: Why it’s important to create growth opportunities for your team

August 21, 2023By
(Screencap: LM Staff)

Marty Grunder explains how creating new opportunities for your team members helps show employees the value of working for your operation. read more

Young workers today follow a new set of rules, it’s on you learn them

January 10, 2023By
(Photo: shaunl/ iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Phil Harwood shares why the rules of recruitment and retention popular 10 or 20 years ago won't cut it for today's young workers. read more

High Performance: How to conduct the ultimate exit interview

May 10, 2022By
(Photo: Hailshadow / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images)

Phil Harwood shares how examining your own resignations from jobs can help prevent attrition and improve employee retention at your business. read more

Gary Horton of Landscape Development Inc. discusses the impact of wildfires, coronavirus

September 23, 2020By
Image: LM Staff

Gary Horton, CEO of Landscape Development Inc. (LDI), shares how the company has been affected by the wildfires and the pandemic. read more

Employee Recruitment: Cast a wide net

October 22, 2019By

It’s difficult to recruit employees for snow removal services. The hours can be long and unpredictable; plus, it’s no surprise employees will be working in the cold. “It’s hard to recruit in the winter months because it’s seasonal on call,” says Bruce Vander Vennen, president of Jack’s Lawn Service and Snowplowing in Grand Rapids, Mich. “So, employees may only work for... read more

Employee Retention: Giving second chances

October 22, 2019By
Schlutt, pictured on the far right, says the company values second chances. (Photo: MAAC Property Services)

Adam Schlutt is president of MAAC Property Services in Niles, Mich. He refers to the company, which provides snow removal and maintenance for a 98 percent commercial clientele, as mission-based rather than profit-based, due to its culture of hiring individuals with less-than-clean criminal records. He and his father, Mark Schlutt, started the practice about 10 years ago as a way... read more