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Seth’s Cut: Keeping great workers is the GOALLLL!

October 7, 2021By
Stack of resumes (Photo: Viktoriia Oleinichenko / iStock / Getty Images)

Finding employees is brutal in this market, but focusing on culture and employee wellbeing can boost recruiting and retention efforts. read more

Are you misclassifying independent contractors?

May 16, 2019By
IRS (Photo:

How do you determine if a worker is an employee or an independent contractor? H The IRS is cracking down on employee misclassification. read more

Just say it

September 8, 2015By

Attend enough conferences about the landscape industry (or write enough stories about it) and you begin to hear many pieces of business wisdom repeated over and over. Much of it’s good and galvanizing when you hear it the first time. Some of it, though, starts to sound trite when you hear it repeatedly. That said, there’s one idea I’ve heard... read more

Web Extra: Documenting feedback, good or bad

August 9, 2015By

As discussed in Extinguishing Burnout, communication helps managers combat employee burnout, and it can come in various forms. Written communication is often an effective way to get a message across to employees. Employees cannot break bad habits or form good ones if they don’t know what they’re doing right and wrong. Communication is essential, but it’s not always easy. To improve communication between managers and... read more

Committed to the core

July 17, 2015By
Photo: Colin Conces

Establishing a purpose and values—and living by them—drives growth 
at Sun Valley Landscaping. Paul Fraynd and Hugh Morton have a challenge on their hands. They want to hire a best-in-class staff so they can grow their company. At the same time, they need to expand their operation to attract great people. “Applicants say, ‘I want a company that treats me... read more

Good isn’t good enough

July 14, 2015By
I love my job. Photo: ©

As the economy expands and the labor pool contracts, the No. 1 concern of many North American business owners 
and managers is how to recruit and retain a quality workforce. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that, while the total population of those 65-plus will increase by about 38 percent over the next 10 years, the 18- to 24-year-old group will... read more