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How to pay by piecework

July 12, 2015By
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Some companies advocate paying by the man-hour rather than an hourly rate. See why. Piecework is paying your employees according to the work they accomplish, instead of paying them for the time it takes to do the work. At CLIP Lawn Care, each job our company performs is rated in credits or man-hours. Each hour one employee works on the... read more

Case study: Scheduling solutions

June 13, 2015By

As design/build business picked up, one company found a better way to manage and communicate its installation schedule. The Problem: As the housing market rebounded and business picked up for Ross NW Watergardens, the Portland-based company found itself scheduling jobs as far as 10 to 14 weeks in advance. Managing this kind of demand was no simple feat. If a... read more

Bruce’s View: Protect the nest

June 11, 2015By

Arizona Cardinals fans use the phrase “protect the nest” to refer to winning at home. You can easily adapt this concept as an action plan to prevent your top employees from being poached. Years ago, poaching was taboo. Most companies would never think of going to a competitor’s job site or waiting for staff to leave the yard to approach... read more

Become a talent magnet

May 10, 2015By
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“There aren’t enough people interested in working in the cold, at night, plowing and shoveling snow. We’re worried about being able to perform the work we’ve sold. A similar problem exists on the green side, but at least the work is more steady and during the day.” Sound familiar? Many snow and ice professionals today tell themselves these same things.... read more

Bill Dysert’s take on hiring

April 3, 2015By

Bill Dysert, founder and president of landscape company Exscape Designs in Chardon, Ohio, explains his take on hiring and offers tips for hiring individuals that are right for your company. View LM’s March cover story on Dysert and his company here. Watch “Bill Dysert’s approach to working with partners” here. Watch “How Bill Dysert learned to step away from the... read more

Moving mountains: A compelling company vision

April 1, 2015By

How a compelling company vision can help you attract the best team and achieve your goals. Attracting, motivating, focusing and retaining great employees starts and ends with a compelling vision. To attract the very best team, you must create a compelling vision for the future, and to retain top talent you must develop a method and habit for communicating your... read more