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Cleveland company in second chance business

May 5, 2016By

Amidst industry-wide distress over hiring and labor issues, Rich Alvarez took a different approach to hiring by targeting residents facing barriers to employment, according to Freshwater Cleveland.  His company, New Life Landscaping in Cleveland offers landscape maintenance, weed removal and some design/build. Prior to starting New Life, the 46-year-old Alvarez served as a police officer for many years and ran his own landscape company on the side.... read more

NALP Foundation report reveals many open positions

June 25, 2015By

The National Association of Landscape Professionals Foundation released a national employment survey of landscape industry firms. The data show approximately 60,000 professional-level positions and nearly a quarter million labor positions need to be filled this year. “Careers in the landscape industry are one of the best kept secrets, and we want to change that,”said Sabeena Hickman, CEO of the National... read more

Hiring & Retention: Finders, keepers

June 11, 2015By

Strategies LM150 firms are using to up their employment game. Finding and keeping good people are fundamental to success for any business, but in the landscape industry, companies are discovering these to be increasingly difficult tasks. We spoke to several LM150 business owners who’ve been dealing with these challenges and are employing a variety of solutions. One challenge landscape business... read more

Web Extra: 25 snow and ice recruiting questions

May 1, 2015By

To assess your company’s recruiting strength, answer the following list of questions and make note of the questions you cannot answer in the affirmative. Is someone responsible for recruitment strategy and processes? Does your company proactively anticipate specific staffing needs? Does a written position questionnaire exist for the position, outlining all of the details? Does a written job description exist... read more

Labor report: Now hiring

December 9, 2014By

Lack of qualified employees causes labor costs to rise. When answering, “What keeps you up at night?” Lynn Tootle could have been speaking for green industry owners and managers everywhere. “Through the recession my concern was, ‘How am I going to get enough work to keep my people working?’” says the general manager of Gro-Masters, the Savannah, Ga.-based turf and... read more

Hiring heroes

November 6, 2013By

From aiding in the destruction of bombs as a radio field operator in the U.S. Marine Corps to destroying weeds, among other tasks, at The Grounds Guys of Greater Little Rock, Ark., Andrew Wagner’s transition to the civilian sector—primarily the Green Industry—was somewhat seamless. Then again, his stake in landscaping started awhile ago. When he was 10 years old, his... read more