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RSC Bio Solutions: GUNK Truck & Equipment Wash

October 9, 2013By

GUNK Truck & Equipment Wash powered by SafeCare is a specially formulated blend of plant-based surfactants designed to penetrate tough built-up grease, oil and other types of road grime found on the exteriors of lawn care equipment, trucks and trailers. The biodegradable formula rapidly degrades in soil and water. RSCBio.com read more

Equipment tips for a profitable 2013

January 8, 2013By

By Andrew Greess Landscape management professionals should use this slower time of year to ensure their spray equipment is in tip-top shape for the coming season. These tasks are all things that need to be done anyway.  You might as well do them when you are slow and when they will not have a negative impact on your customers or... read more

Fall equipment maintenance tips

September 12, 2012By
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The first frost signals an approaching end to the mowing season in most areas. Whether your mowing equipment will go into storage for the winter, or whether the power unit will be used in conjunction with snow removal, The Grasshopper Co. provides the following pointers for preparing equipment for colder weather. Cleaning and lubrication Cleaning your mowing equipment with low-pressure compressed air is the... read more

Landscape vehicle load safety tips

February 15, 2012By

By: Andrew Greess Safety is not just a good idea, it’s a great investment. Inattention to safety has huge financial implications: increased expenses (worker’s comp, clean ups, medical bills, lawsuits, repairs, etc.), lost productivity, employee turnover, customer impacts, bad publicity and more. Vehicle load safety in particular includes: visibility; load security; flying objects; and vehicle control and stability. I raise this... read more

Team REIL expands partnership benefits

October 14, 2009By

UNION, IL — Team REIL Inc., the sole recommended supplier of sports field and recreation equipment to the 11 universities of the Big Ten conference, is now making its “one-stop-shop” service available to U.S. colleges and universities nationwide. Partnering with the Big Ten Conference, Team REIL Inc. is the point-of-contact for athletic directors and facilities managers of the conference’s 270... read more

Order the combo platter

July 1, 2009By

By: Curt Harler The combination plate at a Chinese restaurant or fish house is usually the best deal. You get a meal that offers several tasty treats. Combination equipment works much in the same way: For one price you get a product offering at least a couple of functions. Combination machines like the Rapid M with the Gravely Car Pusher can... read more