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FD2B Talk Radio becomes Landscape Live!

October 23, 2013By

FD2B Talk Radio, a weekly Green Industry internet radio program, changed its name to Landscape Live!. The news was announced in conjunction with the GIE+EXPO, being held in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 23-25. Landscape Live!, which airs every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern, was hosted live from the trade show floor Oct. 23 at the Landscape Management booth.... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: Creating a successful corporate culture

September 5, 2013By

Joe Pedatella says he no longer feels guilty to let go a bad employee. Yet, when his employees decide to fire themselves, what’s there to feel bad about? Let me explain. Pedatella focuses on instilling personal responsibility and accountability into his employees. For example, when one is habitually late, he will sit them down and remind them their job description... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: Exit strategies for landscape contractors

August 29, 2013By

President of The Principium Group Ron Edmonds weighed in on what business owners need to think about when developing an exit strategy. Successful exit strategies require several key components. Foremost, they need to be planned out well in advance of your future sale of the business and retirement plan, sometimes as far out as five to 10 years.  Next, you... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: The truth about organics

August 23, 2013By

When developing a fertilization program for your business you don’t have to choose between being 100 percent organic or 100 percent synthetic. Many landscape contractors and lawn care operators create their own recipe by blending the two product types, providing their clients with a quality lawn that’s also environmentally responsible, said Nicole Wise, head of marketing for Holganix. Prior to... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: Recipe for sales

August 15, 2013By

A landscape company’s sales process needs to be organized like a recipe from a cook book, said Danny Wood, a consultant and Sandler Training expert. The main ingredients in the recipe are your behavior, attitude and technique. If you have all three, mixed in the right order with the correct proportions, your chances of success are very high. However, if... read more

FD2B “Talk” Radio Insight of the Night: A twist on customer loyalty

July 18, 2013By

It’s rare that somebody puts a spin on a topic that I thought I knew quite well. But that’s exactly what Tom Shay of Profits Plus Solutions did on FD2B Talk Radio last night. Instead of running through a laundry list of characteristics of what a loyal customer is, he changed the concept of customer loyalty and put the burden... read more