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Landscaper to the rescue

May 3, 2013By

Oh how I love stories like this. Stories about landscapers who’ve got their mind on the job, until they notice something askew and leap into the role of hero. That’s what happened in Sturgeon, Mo., this week, when a vigilant landscaper showed up for work at a home and noticed three people he didn’t recognize “tossing tools into the back... read more

Ohio landscaper leads cleanup at ‘mud fest’

April 19, 2013By

The annual Number Fest in Athens, Ohio, has pretty much built its reputation on being a mess. It’s such a mess, in fact, that it’s more commonly known in the area as the “Mud Fest.” But we were heartened by a story we read in The Athens (Ohio) News that reports one landscaping company set out to make this year’s... read more

CNN poll shows 6-year high in optimism

April 12, 2013By

In a week full of bad news ranging from school shootings to menacing behavior from North Korea, we’re happy to report that a silver lining finally emerged in a CNN poll released today. For the first time in six years, 50 percent of Americans polled said they’re optimistic about the way things are going in the U.S. “The number continues an... read more

North Carolina landscaper plays role in community fountain

April 5, 2013By

A 10-foot-high fountain under construction in Hendersonville, N.C., will spring to life May 1, and a local landscaper is playing a part in it. When it’s completed, the fountain will be in the shape of three local Blue Ridge mountain ranges. And its foundation of native boulders is being helped along by Hendersonville landscaper Steve Haun, owner of Tanbark Landscape Company. Haun... read more

ValleyCrest and IFMA pitch in for those with developmental disabilities

March 29, 2013By

We were happy to hear this month that ValleyCrest and the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) collaborated on a landscaping project supporting people with developmental disabilities. The project took place on March 20, the first day of spring. ValleyCrest and IFMA donated their time and equipment to the project, beautifying the grounds of Cary, N.C.-based non-profit Life Experiences, Inc. The non-profit... read more

A much nicer tree story

March 15, 2013By

Last week on this blog, we wrote about a heartbreaking tree-related story (Check it out here). Now, we relay one that’s much more positive. South suburban Chicago paper Southtown Star recently wrote about Jim Tresouthick, a landscape maintenance supervisor for the village of Homewood, Ill., who’s taking a stand against the emerald ash borer and planting an urban forest to last generations. Nearly... read more