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Ferris: SRS Z3X stand-on commercial mower

April 19, 2019By

Equip your crew for a new level of power and productivity with the Ferris® SRS™ Z3X stand-on commercial mower. This unit features a pivoting front axle with four radius rods to ensure all four wheels hold their contact – even when conditions get tough. The suspension platform system is adjustable for a large range of weights and operating conditions, optimizing... read more

Experts’ Tips: Striping using a walk-behind

April 10, 2019By
Striping with a walk-behind (Photo: iStock.com/Nastco)

The Challenge: Striping using a walk-behind John Deere Carl Agee Product marketing manager DO ensure the mower is equipped with a striping kit and that it provides smooth steering, allowing the operator to maintain straight lines. DO keep cut widths consistent on each pass and keep in mind that varying the applied pressure will change the contrast of the stripe.... read more

Experts’ Tips: Stand-on mowers

February 20, 2019By

Stand-on mowers Bob-Cat Co. Ron Scheffler Senior product manager When working with stand-on mowers, make sure to plan for fuel fill-ups. Whether you have a reserve tank or a fuel gauge on your mower, always make fuel checks part of your daily routine. This includes having an emergency gas can on your trailer. When you stand on the machine, be... read more

Briggs & Stratton expands mower manufacturing capacity

August 17, 2017By

Briggs & Stratton Corp. will move production of its commercial turf operations from its current facility in Munnsville, N.Y., to neighboring Sherrill, N.Y., to expand capacity. The Munnsville, N.Y., facility manufactures commercial zero-turn mowers under the Ferris and Snapper Pro brands and consumer zero-turn mowers under its Simplicity and Snapper brands. “This expansion is the result of strong sales growth... read more

Ferris releases new mowers

October 29, 2015By

Briggs & Stratton brand Ferris launched new mowers at GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 21-23. Ferris’ Soft Ride Stand-On Z2 mower features an adjustable operator platform. Its max speed is 10 mph with a three-position ground speed. It is available with either a 52- or 61-inch iCD Cutting System coupled with a 1/4-inch Marbain steel blade. Customers select a Briggs... read more

Briggs & Stratton: Vanguard Engines

December 11, 2013By

Featuring a reputation for quality and a legacy of reliability, Ferris mowers powered by Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engines will elevate your productivity and reduce downtime, the company says. In turn, it will help to grow your business. It’s a revenue-generating combination that’s tough to beat, no matter how you cut it. www.vanguardengines.com/scag read more