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Anuvia partners with Ewing

September 25, 2017By

Anuvia Plant Nutrients partnered with Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply to distribute Anuvia’s GreenTRX to its landscape and lawn care customers. GreenTRX is a multinutrient, slow-release fertilizer that delivers fast deep greening of turf and lawns while also protecting the environment, Anuvia said. “We live in a world where resources are at a premium, and sustainability is of the utmost importance,”... read more

Koch: Duration CR

June 2, 2017By

DURATION CR® controlled-release fertilizer, manufactured by Koch Turf & Ornamental, is a dependable enhanced efficiency fertilizer designed to meet varying and changing needs of turfgrass. The patented, durable polymer coating delivers proven, consistent release of nutrients for 45, 90 and 120 days. This means fewer applications per season, allowing you to optimize labor allocations. With DURATION CR® fertilizer, nitrogen use... read more

The new fertilizer fundamentals

May 24, 2017By
Photo: Koch Turf & Ornamental

LCOs are increasing productivity by changing the way they use fertilizers with enhanced efficiency and hybrid products. There’s always a better way to do something—even apply fertilizer. By embracing industry trends, some lawn care operators (LCOs) are saving time, money and manpower by changing the ways they use and purchase fertilizer. In particular, enhanced efficiency fertilizers and organic/synthetic hybrid products... read more

The Andersons to distribute Anuvia’s Green TRX in Fla.

December 21, 2016By

The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group will serve as a distributor for the Anuvia Plant Nutrients product GreenTRX 16-1-2-17S-3Fe for turf.  The Plant Nutrient Group’s sales team in Florida will represent Anuvia in the Florida golf, sports turf and lawn care and landscape markets. GreenTRX is available in three sizes: granular 250 SGN, intermediate 140 SGN and elite 80 SGN size... read more

The Andersons: Model 2000 SR Professional Rotary Spreader

November 20, 2016By

The Model 2000 SR™ Professional Rotary Spreader stands at the top of its class. Featuring a heavy-duty stainless steel frame, this spreader is designed to withstand heavy use over the course of a long life. The Model 2000 SR’s helical cone allows fertilizer to be placed more evenly on the impeller, resulting in more accurate spread patterns without restricting flow.... read more

Nature Safe intros 15-0-1 fertilizer

October 26, 2016By

Nature Safe released its highest concentrated organic fertilizer to date, named 15-0-1 Hi-Sol Organic Nitrogen, at 2016 GIE+EXPO. Listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute, the 15-0-1 is composed of 92 percent organic protein and amino acids, including 0.2 percent iron and 1 percent naturally chelated soluble potassium. The 15-0-1 is available in 40-pound bags. Photo: Nature Safe Save read more