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Mi-T-M releases new fertilizer pumps

July 1, 2019By
Chemical/Liquid Fertilizer Pump 3-Inch - Photo: Mi-T-M Corporation

Mi-T-M Corp., a designer and manufacturer of industrial equipment, released new high-volume chemical and liquid fertilizer pumps. read more

Yara launches foliar nutrition product line

June 4, 2019By

Yara North America launched YaraVita OptimumTurf, a foliar nutrition line specifically designed for the turf and ornamental industry. read more

Best practices for selecting a fertilizer

April 23, 2019By
Man fertilizing (Photo: )

Ask customers what they expect from their lawn care company, and one of the top answers is probably “results.” That means companies are tasked with keeping their clients’ turf green and healthy — and to do that, they will need the right general fertilizer for the job. Finding the most well-suited fertilizer can come down to the price, quality, turf... read more

A new way to fertilize

November 14, 2018By
LCO fertilizing a home's front yard (Photo: Koch Industries)

David Helt says there is a clear difference between the “old” and “new” ways lawn care operators (LCOs) can manage their fertilizer applications. “The old way of fertilizer application is based on a premise that the customer correlates value with the number of visits—if they don’t see you out there, they think your service is poor, regardless of the quality,”... read more

Target Specialty Products releases 2 new fertilizers

February 7, 2018By

Target Specialty Products launched a complete line of professional turf fertilizers under the brand names Turf Fuel G and TS Pro. Both lines will leverage Scotts Pro technology and exclusive co-branding. “Our new Turf Fuel G and TS Pro product lines will offer customers the best solutions tailored for professional turf applications,” said Todd Ferguson, president of Target Specialty Products. “Our... read more

Recommender: Fertilizers

October 17, 2017By

What fertilizer is your go-to and why? James Romanowicz Owner, A New Creation Landscaping Peoria, Ill. “I prefer LESCO products because (SiteOne Landscape Supply) employees are very knowledgeable and take all the guesswork out of fertilizer and pesticide applications, allowing me to focus more on my customers and my business’ other needs.” Troy Elam Owner, Grow Rite Lawns Litchfield, Minn.... read more