Paladin Attachments: FFC Snow Blower

July 28, 2014By

The FFC Snow Blower turns a skid steer into a mini snowplowing machine for small to medium snow removal jobs. This two-stage hydraulic blower is available in both standard and high-flow models that range between four and eight feet wide, with shroud openings of 25 or 36 in. Choose from an electronic or electro/hydraulic powered, poly-lined chute and deflector that... read more

Paladin Construction Group: FFC Tree Spade

December 25, 2012By

The FFC Tree Spade provides a quick and efficient way to accomplish your tree and debris digging, carrying and placing needs while maintaining visibility. It has no moving parts, requires virtually no maintenance, has a low original purchase cost and is simple to operate. The FFC Tree Spade is available in 36-, 40-, 44- and 48-in. ball sizes and easily... read more