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FieldRoutes adds mobile app

January 18, 2023By

The new mobile solution from the company offers scheduling, upselling and customer information all on one screen for users. read more

Tools to make the most of irrigation scheduling

October 25, 2022By
Crew member using weather-based irrigation. (Photo: Pacific Landscape Management)

Some experts share the ways using a software management system can save headaches and boost productivity for irrigation companies. read more

FieldRoutes Lawn Care Software

October 1, 2022By

With FieldRoutesTM software, you can create service plans that bundle multiple services into discounted packages and charge customers by measurement. Digital property estimations and routing functionality that takes technicians’ skillsets and certifications into consideration when scheduling a service. You can route trucks by chemical capacity, which allows you to optimize routes by the amount of chemicals that can be carried... read more

How GPS technology can provide the answer for fleet management

June 15, 2022By
GPS tech allows landscapers to know exactly where their fleets and equipment are at any given time. (Illustration: reklamlar/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images)

As tracking tech evolves, experts share how GPS technology can become a critical resource for landscapers and their customers. read more

Seth’s Cut: Talking shop in the luxury suite

May 20, 2022By
Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson was the keynote speaker at ServiceTitan’s Pantheon 2022. (Photo: LM Staff)

Seth Jones shares what he learned during his time at ServiceTitan's annual conference and a behind-the-scenes look at LM's comic book-themed May cover. read more

ServiceTitan launches artificial intelligence platform

May 10, 2022By
About 2,200 ServiceTitan software users attended Pantheon 2022 at the Los Angeles Coliseum. (Photo: LM Staff)

ServiceTitan, a cloud-based software platform that recently acquired both Aspire Software and FieldRoutes, announced the launch of Titan Intelligence AI. read more